Welcome to my WordPress.com blog. It’s all about using my smart phones for taking pictures..either the BlackBerry (BB) or the Nokia ones; Android ones (HTC One – to be more precise, my first ever Android based phone) are the latest in the show…For Android fans; please visit  dataobject.com to make up your mind when shopping for phones…and make an educated choice.

No editing at all..Hope you will enjoy..please send your comments and share your (similar) experiences..Please also visit my other blog: http://octavianbuiu.wordpress.com/.

Why using phones for taking pictures? I love taking pictures and as I’ve started to travel more and more, I’ve realized that I have in my pocket at least one great camera..the one on the Nokia (E’s and N’s)…how can you neglect a Carl Zeiss lens?! Never the less, at the same time I had to go through the painful experience of selling my camera – a Nikon D200 and my zoom EX Sigma lens…

So, enjoy the pics, thank you for your visits and comments!



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  1. Hello. God I see you sold your Nikon D200 to buy the cell phones. I don’t think I can do that – my one and only remains the D200. Though I have to say I am seeing some very imaginative and creative work people are doing with the iPhones and the apps that are being created for them.

    I notice you read several of my blogs – thank you for taking the time to explore a little bit and being kind enough to leave your calling card and some words.

    I appreciate it – thank you


    • Hi Robert
      thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting.
      Very kind of you and much appreciated.
      I had to sell the D200 because at that time I was in (very) much need of cash…and not a trade for phones!!It’s still painful remembering and I still miss it a lot; some of the “Nikon Era” images can be seen at imagekind.com and picsbyoctav.wordpress.com
      Have a great Sunday!
      Kind regards

    • Hi Robert
      Just to update you on some changes…got a new Nikon…nothing to get to the blog yet..But watch octavianbuiu.Wordpress.com.
      Best regards

  2. Interesting project – I do a tumblr where I wanted to post a picture every day, done with my mobile – now it is an occasional picture and sometimes even a film – but all strictly processed on a mobile phone.
    (PS.: the pics can be found here: http://balllad.tumblr.com)

    • Thanks a lot. Didn’t do any processing on them..did try to upload from mobile on wordpress. The WP application for Nokia (Symbian) was awful, the one on BlackBerry just OK..the one for Android is quite good.
      Will have a look on your tumblr site. Octavian

  3. To me the new smart phones solved a big problem: I always used to forget to take the camera with me, so I would find myself with nothing to capture the moment.

    Now that smart phones provide a fairly good resolution I really don’t feel the need to use a camera anymore, is a way to be always ready and carrying one less gadget.

    • Hi Katina! Thank you for stopping by and your comment. You are absolutely right; smartphones do – usually – have great cameras and they are a serious competitor for the classical photo cameras. It’s not only about lenses and resolution, but also about some features that you don’t get them on the normal photo cameras: geo-tagging, sharing via email&social networks being so important these days. On the minus side, the battery is always an issue which can give you headaches…
      I still keep using the camera on my phone, I think it’s great and these photos have something unique at all times.
      Take care, Octavian

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